Fibroblast skin tightening before and after

Fibroblast Skin Tightening

What is Fibroblast?

Fibroblast Plasma Lift, also known as soft surgery, is a revolutionary skin tightening procedure that is an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures with reduced recovery time and without potential complications that can arise before and after surgery.

In layman’s terms, Fibroblast Plasma Lift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a device fitted with a tiny needle to deliver heat to the skin to tighten and firm it. Using an electrical spark to heat tiny columns of the skin, skin fibers are minimized, and collagen production is boosted, leading to the tightening and removal of excess skin. In technical terms, an arc causes superficial damage to the upper dermal layer of the skin and transmits heat to the lower levels of the skin. This causes the new skin to generate collagen and elastin fiber that we lose as we age.

Fibroblast Plasma Lift removes or reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, sagging skin on your neck or tummy, and eliminates skin imperfections like skin tags and sun damage. The results are only comparable to plastic surgery, and in most areas, are permanent.

With Fibroblast, you can successfully reduce extra skin while dramatically lifting and tightening almost any area on the face and body. Just imagine: There’s no cutting, stitching, bruising, traditional anesthesia, bleeding, thinned out skin, or an overly pulled or distorted look to the face with this method. Not only is this a safer choice for skin rejuvenation, but it’s also much more affordable than many alternatives.

As the body ages, the appearance of the skin is altered. The epidermis becomes thinner, resulting in blemishes and imperfections becoming more visible. This collagen loss can cause lines, skin laxity, and wrinkles. Plasma skin regeneration or (Plasma Fibroblast) uses plasma energy with the Plasma pen to deliver pulses of nitrogen-based plasma to the skin. Treatment’s positive effects include removing old photodamaged epidermal cells and promoting new collagen growth below the skin’s surface. This means results can be both immediate and long-term.
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after

After care

  • Swelling is normal 24-48 hours post treatment.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 14 days post treatment.
  • Wear Sunscreen.
  • Avoid makeup for 7 days.
  • Tiny crusts will appear in the treatment area. Do not exfoliate or rub of the crusts that form. They will typically fall off naturally within 7-10 days.
  • Other Post Treatment alone with After Care products will be given to the patient directly by the provider after treatment.
  • Avoid the gym for 48 hours to prevent sweating and potential infection.
  • Keep the treated areas as dry as possible for the first 48 hours.

After treatment

One of the benefits of PlasmaLift Skin Tightening is that it has minimal downtime. You can expect to have a pattern of tiny pink dots in the treated area that will heal over the next week. You will get everything you’ll need for your aftercare at no additional charge.

You will have some swelling at first but this should subside over the first few days as the tiny dots form a thin scab. It usually takes between 5-14 days for these scabs to naturally fall off as they heal and you must not help along this process or you put your skin at a risk of scaring.

Everyone’s heal time is different and dependent on health, age and skin type. On an average, my clients usually heal within 5-7 days. Clients usually notice a difference in the lifting of their skin right away but the result is cumulative and your skin should continue to tighten over the next 4 -8 weeks.


Once the procedure is completed, you can expect the small dots to scab over and fall off after about 1 week. Over the next couple of weeks, as your skin heals, it should appear tighter and firmer.

Some people may see benefits from one treatment, while others may require three treatments before they see results.

Some tightening of the skin will be seen immediately after the treatment, but best results can be seen approximately 6-8 weeks after the procedure. Results can last 9-18 months, lifestyle choices that effect skin ageing and damage are a factor however for longevity. For optimum results more than one treatment may be needed with a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments for the same area.

Does it hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated as the procedure can be a little uncomfortable. A slight burning sensation can be felt as the skin becomes heated. The anesthetic helps to make this treatment tolerable. Aftercare and downtime.

You can expect to have some redness and swelling immediately after the procedure and for a few days following.

How does fibroblast work?

Fibroblast Plasma Pen works by using the voltage in the air between its tip and the natural gasses emitted just above the skin to form a true «plasma» (ionized gas) charge. This tiny arc of electricity shortens, contracts, and tightens targeted skin tissue instantly. Your skin’s natural healing process then goes into overdrive and encourages your own body to create new fibroblast cells. These cells are responsible for the development of collagen to enhance natural volume and elastin for tighter skin. Each area of treatment that has been addressed by the plasma charge will retract by pulling the skin cells closer together. This successfully targets any areas with excess skin.

Improvements are visible immediately, but the final results will be seen after ten weeks. The number of procedures needed per person will vary according to the area being treated, skin laxity, and the individual’s age and response to the treatment. However, most are satisfied with a total of one to three procedures per site.

By introducing Fibroblast as an amazing alternative to the standard cosmetic treatment choices of today, you can explore this new method of rejuvenation.
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
Fibroblast skin tightening before and after
It depends on the state of the clients’ skin and the desired degree of correction. The client is often satisfied after only one treatment, for example, if the wrinkles are not very deep. But, due to the simplicity of the procedure and the affordable price, many clients opt for two or even three treatments to achieve a perfect result. The procedure may be repeated after the skin is fully regenerated in 8 weeks after the procedure. Generally, 2 sessions are required.How long will the effects of the Fibroblast treatment last?

The results of the Fibroblast treatment are permanent and may be visible for years. But, we should acknowledge that the aging process is continuous and the skin ages every day after the procedure. This cannot be stopped. The results of this method are permanent, but when we talk about mimic facial lines, (worry lines), these may recur quickly because muscles are stronger than the skin and, consequently, the lines recur. Average results last from 2 to 4 years.

How many treatments are required for optimal results?

There are few side effects include:
  • redness
  • swelling
  • skin peeling and crusting
  • mild hypopigmentation (light spots)
  • mild hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

Is it safe and are there any side effects?

The results are permanent, although it does not stop your natural aging process, you should still see lasting results for years as they would with cosmetic surgery. For longer lasting results you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure.

How long does it last?

The results are visible immediately after the treatment, but the maximum results will be visible after 1 -2 months, when the skin enters the third phase of the healing (collagen and connective tissue growth).

Are the results visible immediately after the treatment?

  • Hooded Eyelid Lifting (non-surgical method of blepharoplasty)
  • Under Eye “Bags”
  • Sagging or loose skin on the neck
  • Fine lines anywhere on the face
  • Jowl lift
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Sagging brows
  • Nasolabial Fold
  • Elbows
  • Cosmetic nose concerns
  • Forehead wrinkles and frown lines
  • Sagging skin anywhere on the face
  • Loose skin on the stomach
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Neck Lines
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • Smoker’s Lines
  • “Bat wings” (Arms)
  • Skin Lesions (such as warts, milias, moles (flat or raised), age spots
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch Marks

Conditions effectively treated with fibroblast include:

  • No incision of skin
  • No stitches
  • No risk associated with an aesthetics or surgery
  • Minimal side effects and far less downtime
  • No thinning of skin
  • Induces collagen growth
  • Significant cost savings
  • Natural results
  • Immediate results visible

Advantages vs surgery:

  • Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is inadvisable for the following:
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast-feeding
  • Metal pins or plates
  • Pacemakers
  • Severe cardiovascular disorders
  • Cancer patients
  • Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Blood disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Fitzpatrick scale 5 and 6
  • Lupus
  • Keloids
  • Herpes Simplex
  • Shingles
  • Psoriasis
  • Active Eczema
  • Colds
  • Infections
  • Accutane
  • Retinal
  • Allergies to lidocaine