Plasma Therapy

Plasma therapy is a real elixir of youth for skin and hair. This unique technique was developed by Russian scientists and patented in 2004. Its mechanism is based on the rejuvenating effect of a person's own blood plasma, enriched with platelets.

Human own plasma has unique nutritional properties, which are no worse than synthetic mesocotheils. Moreover, it is a completely natural remedy.

During plasma therapy, plasma is additionally enriched with platelets, their concentration is several times higher than the normal content in the blood. These cells contain alpha granules, which are a concentrate of growth factors. They are highly active against skin cells, blood vessels, and connective tissue.

Injections of such plasma allow you to start the processes of regeneration and cell restoration, saturate the skin with biologically active substances, growth factors, microelements.

When injected into the scalp, biologically active substances act, inter alia, on the hair follicles. They stimulate the regeneration and growth of new cells in the follicle. The synthesis of collagen and other proteins, which are responsible for the health and appearance of hair, is enhanced. New capillaries are formed, which improves the supply of nutrients to the follicles. The condition of the skin itself improves.

Due to its effective action, plasma therapy is used not only in cosmetology, this method is used to solve many gynecological, urological and dental problems.

To summarize, the advantages of hair plasma therapy include:

  • Lack of allergic reactions, since the patient's own cells and proteins are used as a drug;
  • Lack of an inflammatory reaction at the injection site;
  • Painlessness - the procedure is carried out with very thin cosmetic needles;
  • Complex effect on tissues;
  • Combination of medical and cosmetological effect;
  • No toxicity, blood is not processed with chemical substances and medicines;
  • Long-term results and noticeable rejuvenation.